Thursday, December 1, 1994

Cover Feature: Intelligent Agents With the Right to Act

Datateknik 19, Dec 1 1994. Cover feature by David Nordfors. (6 pages). Download entire feature as PDF (OCR processed): Datateknik-19-1994-agenter.pdf

Part 1: Intelligent Agents - programs that act independently

Explanation of autonomous intelligent agents. Distinction between "planning" agents applying top-down methods (traditional AI) and "reflexive" agents applying bottom-up methods (e.g. artificial life).

Telescript agent programming language by General Magic, Apple and AT&T. DAAL language by SICS and Sydkraft for power grid optimization. DA-SoC project for agents on the power grid.

Part 2: Artificial Life: Internet as a digital "wildlife reserve for evolution of agents".

Ecologist and Computer Scientist Tom Ray's digital ecosystem "Tierra", where mutating and evolving computer code sequences compete for space in the primary memory of a computer. Ray's vision of creating a global distributet system on the Internet, where computer programs can evolve through principals of ecology (mutation, recombination), and useful routines may be harvested for human usage.

Part 3: Agents on the Power Grid Take Care of the House

"Societies of Computation" project at the University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby. Autonomous agents n the power grid, using Lonworks technology by Echelon, bidding and purchasing electricity for home owners.

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